Thursday, September 10, 2009

public art

Here is a link to a recent project by the artist Rob Fischer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's a cool japanese jigsaw puzzle by hokusai

Thing 5

I was having trouble getting an image to be visible in my blog so I decided to set my blog as a direct link from my Flickr account. Is this cheating?

Thing 4

I actually looked at the Alcuin Reads application of Flickr back on March 17. I found myself at the Coon Rapids branch of the Hennepin system because I had to take a family member to the doctor at an office there & had an hour to spend at the Library. Once I opened an account I was able to use the internet.
Our Library would like to be able to a similar thing with our new books shelf.

re thing 2

It's good to think about the physical v. virtual role of the Library where I work. While gathering supporting materials for visiting lecturers from our collection I realized that while some items must be physically accessed in the Library I could/should in the future supply links to articles from databases for those that might not otherwise make it to the lecture.

Thing 2

I watched the Stephen Abram video back in February. In viewing it again I agree that experienced based learning is a great thing, especially when you can see immediate applications for what you are learning in you daily work. He talks about taking the 7-15 a day that one might otherwise set aside for a habit & apply that practice to taking the time to learn something new (i.e. one of the 'things'). While I value what I've been exposed to in the 23 things program I have had a hard time allowing myself the time I require to learn something new. I would need to take at least and hour a day each week to investigate all of the links within a particular 'thing.'

thing 3

Okay, I've been bad...
I started out doing the 'Things' in order but began to jump over 'things' I wasn't as interested in. I also chose not to blog as I went along so here I am, way beyond schedule.
In thing 3 I set up a Google reader account. I decided to limit it a few feeds to keep it managable. I chose some feeds that I can use in Technical Services: Authority File Changes, Minitex's Blogs About Technical Services & Muls, and for fun, The Annoyed Librarian.